The GD Studio and Talawa Games announce development partnership for Reborn, a competitive FPS game.

Stockholm Oct 15th 2014 - Today, The GD Studio, an eSport entertainment company, furthers its efforts at game development...... blah blah, ok let's be real here. We hate press releases.

So, the facts. Why are we partnering? The GD Studio development team consist of coders and designers with a keen eye for eSport games and competitive gaming. We've got that shit covered! What we don't have is the experience that Talawa bring to the table in terms of design process, production and art. So, we decided to partner. We both agree we love competitive and fun games, and want to deliver an awesome product that all FPS fans can enjoy. Now for some quotes!

Published 15 Oct 2014.
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Unmechanical on Android, OUT NOW!!

We are very pleased to announce that our multiple award winning game Unmechanical is out now on Android (Amazon & Google).

Amazon Appstore:

Google Play:

Watch trailer:

Published 23 Sep 2014.
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A song for Viggo <3 Talawa

We are very proud to announce that we are teaming up with our friend Simon to create A Song for Viggo. An uttermost beautiful game folded in paper takling the deepest parts of our inner fears and taboos, depression.

Check out the kickstarter:

Published 10 Sep 2014.
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We are so very proud to finally present Peppy Pals to the world!

Can video games reduce bullying?

That's the belief of Peppy Pals, a video game studio aiming to create games that help nurture the emotional skills of children worldwide.

Peppy Pals are now thrilled to announce the release of its first game "Peppy Pals", available on iOS (Apple) Appstore, Amazon Appstore & Google Play

Published 17 Apr 2014.
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