We’re very happy to announce a new addition to the Song for Viggo team! Talawa Games, a development firm founded in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden, is now officially part of the project and will be assuming most of the technical responsibilities involved with creating the game. They will also be wearing a few other hats, including those of publishing, public relations, and user support for the game.

If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. Make no mistake, though - this partnership is going to result in a much better game. The fact that we now have professionals dealing with the nuts and bolts of Viggo means that Simon is free to pour all of his energy into the creative aspects of the game. That means better story, better music, and better art! As an added bonus, we’re also planning to release the game for multiple platforms, including Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Pretty great, huh?

Talawa’s in-house repertoire includes games like Peppy Pals, a fun and engaging animal romp which helps young players develop empathy and prepare themselves for the challenges of everyday life. TG also created Unmechanical, a puzzle-adventure game which challenges players to think while they navigate a brooding and hauntingly beautiful robotic world. Apart from their own games, Talawa has worked on a wide range of external projects, including a port of the educational cooking game, Toca Kitchen. Every game Talawa puts its name on is designed with accessibility, substance, and social consciousness in mind.

Don’t think that Talawa only programs games, either: they do consulting and training in the field of education, as well. The firm is also a proud member of “Reach for Change”, a non-profit organization which harnesses global expertise in diverse fields in order to promote child welfare in developing countries.

We think that the experience, passion, and compassion that Talawa bring with them are a perfect match for the complex challenges that go along with making a game likeViggo. Rest assured that there will be great things happening behind the scenes!

/Rhett Whitaker

Published 09 Sep 2014.

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