This Thursday we have the very eminent opportunity to show Unmechanical and talk a bit about Sublime Interactive.

Since we are full of ourselves we are really and truly looking forward to this 😉
Thank you Dreamhack! Much love

Dreamhack 2011 Schedule:

17:30 -17:40 Main Stage (demonstrating the game for 10 minutes)

21:00 - 21:45 DreamArena Orange (our talk "From Gamer to Developer" described below)

From Gamer to Developer

Last fall we were thrown into the world of game development at Futuregames; a vocational education in Stockholm. Just over a year later, we’re going to be at Dreamhack as the startup company Sublime Interactive, presenting the game Unmechanical and ourselves on the big screen.

This presentation takes you through our experiences so far -beginning with getting into a school and what studying game development is all about. We’ll then talk about taking a 4-week school project to the next level -aiming for professional quality and setting our eyes on Steam.

We finish our presentation by discussing why we’re starting our own company and how that process looks -leaving you with our hopes (and fears) for the future. If you’re interested in puzzle -or indiegames, in studying or working with game development, in starting your own studio or simply just want a ‘behind-the-scenes’ peek, this talk has something for you!

That's it for now so see you on Thursday! We have some new, very cool parts of the game to show you and we're really looking forward to sharing it with you guys so don't be late: it's a date!

"Make games not war"

Published 30 Nov 2011.

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