About Peppy Pals

Peppy Pals is a fun 'point-and-click' game for children ages 2-6 about four young animal friends. With friendship and emotions in focus you play with them, help them out in various situations, or enjoy mini-games. Peppy Pals has no text or language at all, and takes place on a cozy farmyard with a relaxed atmosphere, with much effort put into detailed animations and hand-drawn backgrounds. The game is intended to be the first of a series of "Peppy Pals" games.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) is about identifying, expressing, and controlling our emotions, and research suggests that higher emotional intelligence reduces the chance of being bullied or bullying others, among other benefits. Emotional Intelligence is working its way into schools worldwide, spearheaded by proved programs such as RULER and CASEL, and Peppy Pals aims to bring EQ to younger children in a fun way even before the first day of school. The game has been developed with the help of research, experts, and psychologists, and according to a worldwide market analysis by EEDAR (2013-02-21), the game concept is unique. "Seeing emotions being expressed, especially in a 'cause-and-effect' relationship, is an important aspect of emotional intelligence, and is one way video games can help nurture empathy and emotional skills" says psychologist, EQ expert and author Bodil Wennberg.

About Eqidz

Founded in 2011 by Rosie Linder, Eqidz focuses on combining emotional intelligence and entertainment in video games for children. The development team and now partners with Eqidz, is Talawa Games, who released the award-winning Unmechanical in 2012.

"As a parent I've never been fully satisfied with the children's games available, often reinforcing gender stereotypes and lacking any meaningful content. I just felt that video games could do more, and bringing more empathy to children's games is one way to do it” says Peppy Pals founder Rosie Linder.

Published 17 Apr 2014.

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