With production well under way and about a year left to go, the eight core developers extend their gratitude for all the help and support from former professional gamers, freelance contributors and of course our awesome community. We also have to give a big shout-out to the sixty or so esports personalities and teams who agreed to have their private lives invaded as part of a limited Kickstarter backer reward, including some of the biggest names in esports today, like Team Secret and NIP.

Diabotical is a fast-paced arena shooter set in a slightly unhinged robot universe, with a sky high skill cap and over-the- top weaponry, movement, and powerups. We aim to offer a fresh take on the best bits of the genre, while offering plenty of community features including matchmaking, ladders, statistics and tournament systems, allowing players and sponsors to easily launch their own tournaments on our dedicated servers, and more. Mod support, a multi-user map editor and plenty of cosmetic customization intends to encourage and reward contributors while also fleshing out the game.

Published 31 Jul 2016.

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